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Active Member Profiles

  • Ann Craig

    Ann Craig

    Associate Professor Emeritus of Political Science
    Provost of Eleanor Roosevelt College, retired

  • Kathy French

    Kathy French

    Teaching Professor Emeritus of Neurobiology
  • Grant Goodall

    Grant Goodall

    Professor and Director of Linguistics Language Program
  • Nancy Groves

    Nancy Groves

    Dean of Academic Advising at Revelle College, retired
  • Susan Kirkpatrick

    Susan Kirkpatrick

    Professor Emerita of Spanish Literature
  • Nora Laiken

    Nora Laiken

    Assistant Dean for Educational Support Services, Lecturer in Medicine and Pharmacology at UCSD School of Medicine
  • Paula Levin

    Paula Levin

    Teaching Professor Emerita, Education Studies
  • James Lin

    James Lin

    Professor Emeritus of Mathematics
  • Tonia Pizer

    Tonia Pizer

    Global Seminars Coordinator, Study Abroad
  • John Wheeler

    John Wheeler

    Professor Emeritus of Chemistry